HareHill’s Running Amok SC

November 16, 2004 – January 13, 2015

Catdog was Bunny’s very first puppy – the start of HareHill. From the beginning, his personality and attitude was awesome. He picked us. We were his pick of the litter.

He brought a smile to our faces every day and our house has not been the same without him. Everyone who met Catdog fell in love with his antics and personality.

Always happy and on the go, he never sat or laid down to rest during the first 2 years of his life. He made us laugh and feel good, even when he misbehaved – like eating a wallet or a leather jacket or a hat. Despite being a goofy boy, he was also HareHill’s alpha-male and had a very deep bark when called upon.

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Why did you call him “Catdog”?

We look for identifying marks to tell the puppies apart when they are very young. A mark on his back resembled half a dog and reminded us of the half-dog/half-cat cartoon character of the same name. And of course, the name stuck. Most of the time we simply called him “Cat” or “Kitty”.

Lure Coursing!

Catdog loved coursing. But it took him a while to understand the why anyone would chase some white plastic bags around a field. During his first outing, he ran straight to the tree line and marked as many trees as possible. Then 2 years later, the light bulb finally turned on and he got it. After that, he couldn’t wait to course and would bark the entire time lure was moving.


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