About Us

Wendy's Pack

HareHill is our registered kennel name with the AKC. The name is in honor of our foundation bitch Bunny (the hare), and because our home is situated on a hill.

We breed beautiful, healthy, sound Ibizan Hounds that excel in both the field and show ring. Our hounds are part of our family and live with us in our home.

We are registered AKC Breeders of Merit, members of IHCUS and the Chicagoland Hound Association.

Wendy is one of the founders of Beezerfest, the largest independent supported entry show for Ibizan Hound conformation.

Before Ibizan Hounds, Wendy showed Basenjis and was active in local and national Basenji clubs. Having limited success with Basenjis, she researched other breeds. In 1999 she acquired her first Ibizan Hound (Bunny), who became her first champion. Wendy handled her through her championship and initial Hound Group placements. Under professional handlers Clint Livingston and Janice Hayes, Bunny went on to become one of the top hounds in history with 43 Best In Show wins and over 100 Hound Group Firsts (including back-to-back Hound Group wins at Westminster in 2003 and 2004).


We do not sell dogs over the internet. We prefer to meet potential owners face to face. This allows both of us to get to know each other and determine the most appropriate puppy for the new owner. Interested owners are encouraged to download and complete our puppy questionnaire and contact us.

Conformation and Breeding

Westminster 2004

We review the conformation of all dogs and bitches being considered for any breeding. Pedigrees are thoroughly researched to evaluate which qualities might be passed along to the litter.

Bunny is our foundation bitch and was bred twice. She has produced 6 champions and BIS and BISS winners. Her offspring have also produced BIS and BISS winners.

Zipper (from Bunny’s 1st litter), is a Best In Show and (4-time) IHCUS National Specialty and winner.

Josie (from Bunny’s 1st litter) is a US and Canadian champion and was bred twice. Josie won Best Brood Bitch at the 2010 IHCUS National Specialty and has produced multiple Grand Champions, BIS, and BISS winners.

Jackie (from Josie’s first litter) was the #1 Ibizan Hound from 2009-2012. She is a multiple group winner and the first Ibizan Hound AKC Grand Champion.

James (from Josie’s first litter) is an American and Canadian Champion with multiple Best In Show wins.

Roxy (from Josie’s first litter) is a Dual Champion (conformation and field) with multiple Best In Field wins. Roxy has produced 2 litters with multiple Grand Champions and BIS winner, Monroe.

Monroe (from Roxy’s first litter) is a Grand Champion with multiple BIS wins.


The health of the breed is our primary concern. The Ibizan Hound community has a small gene pool. So any health issue that can be inherited could impact the future of the breed. We look for past health issues in pedigrees to eliminate potential problems.

Finally, before breeding, we identify potential owners. We will not breed unless we have loving homes for the puppies. Many of our dogs are champions and “show” quality. But a good home is paramount. Dogs are social. They should be part of the family and not live their life in a kennel. Several of our owners have more than one HareHill hound.

Lure Coursing

Lure Coursing is an activity that sighthounds love. They are bred to hunt rabbit. HareHill has produced several dual champions (conformation and field) and multiple Best In Field winners. But mostly, it’s just good fun – especially for the dogs.